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I'm a 25 year old hobby-manga-artist - occasional cosplayer - from Germany, who's heart beats for the UK.
I mostly post Free! fanart these days, a lot of Merthur and mostly Original art :)
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Für die Deutschen unter euch - ich habe noch Platz im Auto - wer also von Weimar (über was auch immer, kann man absprechen) - nach Kassel noch eine Mitfahrgelegenheit braucht, der soll sich bitte bei mir melden!

just a tiny bit of self-promotion ;D

mein Manga ist nun endlich fertig :D
wer zur connichi 2014 kommt: ich würd mich freuen dich dort zu sehen ^o^
wer nicht: du kannst den Band auch gerne bei mir online bestellen :)

einfach eine e-mail an ta_moe@t-online.de schicken und dann erfährst du mehr :)

Seiten: 150 (3 in Farbe)

beschichtetes Glanzcover

Preis: 10,-  und 2,- Euro versand (innerhalb Deutschland)

inklusive: Zeichnung eines Charakters deiner Wahl :)

When you see someone at work typing up a text using only one finger…

So I've been reading BJ on DeviantART since it started and I really love it. The only reason I found you was because of your Merlin Doujinshi which I love.... <3 But then I saw Before Juliet and I fell in love with the story and the characters. I swear. Your work is wonderful. <3 Dankeschön! X3
ta-moe ta-moe Said:

Ohhh, no thank YOU!  >.<

so glad you like it!

Nagisa fell prey to his sisters…



First of all - from ANYONE who rebloggs this post - I will give away a free copy of the book (in case you already paid yours you will get a refund or a second book in case you prefer that ^^)

you can reblogg, like as often as you like ^^ sharing is caring :D

Title: Before Juliet (volume 1)
Story: Adam is a highly awarded actor who started a new project ‘Before Juliet’ starring as Mercutio. There he meets Julien - aka Romeo - and they hit it off right away. However, Adam gets the feeling that Julien wants to be more than just friends and now has to find a way how to deal with this new found information…

read chapter 1 - 4 here:  http://beforejuliet.smackjeeves.com/chapters/62449/chapter-01/
genre: Boys Love (nonexplicit content - yet lol)
Pages: 150 (ca. 125 main story, 9 bonus and 16 short story: Friends&Lovers)
Price: 10 € / 13,50 $ / 8 Pounds
shipping: 4 € / 5,50 $ / 3,50 Pounds (internationally!)

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This is your one time chance to get an ENGLISH copy! (you won’t be able to read chapter 5 anywhere else for now!) I will get them printed after receiving the payments :)

Pre-Ordering period will end on september 28th 2014! (as soon as I get the copies from the printer I will send them off - will be end of september)

The first 10 (paid) orders get a FREE DRAWING of their favourite character!

order information:
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pre-ordering-period extended til the 28th of september (I’m simply busier the next few weeks than I expected)

myself as Merlin and Ro-chan as Freya wearing fililikilili ‘s costume (which I made lol)